Five Star Review “Without reservation, I recommend Dr. Fitzgibbons to treat varicose veins. He treated mine, and now they have disappeared. My varicose veins were exceptionally large, especially for a male age 66; but after two treatments and followup work with sclerotherapy, they were reduced by 100 percent. They are totally gone!!!They have vanished and so has the aching pain which caused me to see Dr. Fitzgibbons. I researched other vein specialists before selecting Dr. Fitzgibbons. I chose him because of his extensive experience and sterling credentials along with years of specialized training. I was fully confident when being treated by Dr. Fitzgibbons. He is very personable and cares about the outcome of each patient. He is a perfectionist who doesn’t take shortcuts. He would rather see patients for additional care rather than take any chances of having an outcome less than perfect. His office is spacious and clean and his staff are all professionals who know their jobs. I was seen at my scheduled time of appointments, and had very little waiting time.”
-Yelp Review

Five Star Review“My experience with Dr. Fitzgibbons at the Fitzgibbons Vein Center has been a very positive experience. Everyone in the medical office was professional and knowledgeable. This was the first time that I went to a vein doctor and all my options were thoroughly explained to me before my procedure. I had apprehension and was nervous about my procedure but I have to tell you that it did not hurt me at all. I went back to my daily activities after the brief surgeries. I am sure that there are many doctors on the Westside where I live, but it was worth it to drive a little bit to the downtown area for such great service. Now my legs look great and can’t wait to wear shorts again.”
-City Search Review

Five Star Review“You have given me my life back.”

Five Star Review“Now I can dance again.

Five Star Review“I’ve been to three different vein clinics and the FVC is the only one I feel I can trust… I guess the third time’s a charm.”

Five Star Review“Estoy listo para un Marato’n!”
-82 year old, DB

Five Star Review“I never thought that the throbbing pain and swelling in my legs was anything to worry about until I went to see Dr. Fitzgibbons and he confirmed what I was beginning to suspect.  Bad genetics, bad circulation and the beginning of those unattractive looking varicose veins that I used to see on my dear old dad’s legs when he would wear his Bermuda shorts when I was a kid.  Dr. Fitzgibbons put my mind at ease when he told me there was a much more modern and relatively painless solution to this problem with the latest medical procedures and thermal ablation. I trusted Dr. Fitzgibbons instantly and thoroughly.  He was very professional and patient with me when I grilled him with so many questions about the procedure and the outcome.  When it came time for my procedures, it was not as bad as I was bracing myself for.  Having your tooth filled feels worse… or having to wear those geriatric looking support hose that Dr. Fitzgibbons insists you must wear for maximum healing and better results.  Dr. Fitzgibbons is also so friendly, warm and caring, and so are all of the members of his medical team that they make you feel so comfortable and at ease.  I am happy to report that my legs no longer hurt as much as they used to and they are looking and feeling fabulous!  Far more sexy now without those granny hose!  I would recommend Dr. Fitzgibbons and the Fitzgibbons Vein Center to anyone who has problems with their legs and veins and are looking for a modern and un-invasive alternative to a real serious medical problem.”

Five Star Review“I’m wearing shorts again at the gym.”